What is Detox

What is DetoxificationWhat is detox – Ways of staying healthy?

Detox is the abbreviation for detoxification. It is the method of removing toxic substances from the body of a living being. Detoxification is the process which can be applied on the body of any living organism including the human body. The toxic substances can be removed from the body physiologically as well as medicinally. This is the process which brings back the body to its normal or stable state by recovering it from the habitual unstable state due to the intake of toxic substances or addictive substances. Medicinally detoxification can be done by decontaminating the poisonous substances within the body by applying the techniques of dialysis, antidotes, chelation therapy etc. Apart from these procedures, detoxification by following a suitable diet can also be achieved. However, it cannot be said whether a detox diet has healthy substances for the body or not.

What is detox and how to apply the process of detoxification?

A lethargic body, skin problems, various aches, indigestion, regular weight loss etc are the symptoms, which ask a person’s body to be detoxified. Since the ages it had been observed that detoxification is all about taking rests, cleaning the body wastes and proper nourishment of the body. This process eliminates the toxins from the body and supplies nutrients to the body to restore the previous health condition. This process can safeguard a body from various diseases by improving the immune system of the body. It is a proven fact that living bodies have their own system for healing and detoxification acts as a process of enhancing that capacity of the body. The process of detoxification is extremely simple but the process needs dedication. The cleansing process of the body starts repairing and caring the smallest unit of the body called cells. The process of detoxification can be achieved by:

  • Fasting helps the different body organs to take rest and this is the first step for this process
  • Start taking healthy diet, lots of water, avoidance of alcohol, exercises etc. this is the second step to take care of the liver
  • This step is actually possible after the implementation of the second step and more healthier will be the kidneys and liver, more will be the elimination of toxins through bowel, urine and sweat.
  • Properly designed exercise chart and proper metabolism will improve the blood circulation within the body
  • Finally body needs to be refueled or recharged with proper nutritious foods

Ways of keeping the body detoxified

Once the entire process of detoxification is completed, a person can stay detoxified by maintaining a disciplined lifestyle and healthy diet. Though, it is always recommended, to purify the body once in a year. The below mentioned diets and habits help a body to stay away from the toxins:

  • Regular consumption of foods with lots of fiber
  • Eat green herbs as much as possible, drinking green tea is also recommended
  • Eat food rich with Vitamin C
  • Drink lots of water
  • Take deep breaths for proper blood circulation, yoga can be a good option
  • Avoid taking stress, stay positive
  • Quit smoking and drinking