Detoxing your body

Detoxing your bodyHealth is every person’s first priority. A healthy body and mind can lead to a happy and successful life.

Human body has millions of chemicals stored and the most evil toxins have been revealed in the important regions in both humans as well as in animals.Toxins lead to depression, stress and increases illness.In today’s world, one can find the increasing no. of diseases like cancer, epidemics etc. Hence,itisvery useful for every person to understand the benefits of detoxing.

The feeling of tiredness, energy loss, skin problems, stomach issues, dark patches below the eyes is some of the signals that show your body needs to be detoxified.

Need for Detoxification:

  • Detoxification is a way of cleaning blood from the body.
  • By this process, impurities are removed in the blood. The body also removes toxins from kidneys, skin and other parts.
  • Detoxing your body can restore your capability to keep up the best possible health.

It is advisable to detoxify your body at least once a year.

How to start – Initial steps:

  • Firstly, reduce the toxin load.
  • Remove intake of alcohol, cigarettes and everything that are toxic in nature as they act as a barrier to the curing process.Use of shampoos, toothpaste and all the household cleaners with chemicals in it should be minimized and alternative natural substitutes should be used.
  • Stress is again a barrier to good health so it’s very important to detoxify stressful life with the process of detoxification. One of the easy and effective way to lighten stress is meditation followed by jump-roping, stretching exercises, yoga etc.

There are several detoxing programs and many recipes and diets depending on every individual’s need.The principle way to detoxify is by starting with one entire day’s fast, if one feels he is capable of it then he can continue further. Lots of drinking water is required. Lemon juice also proves very helpful during fast.

A good health chart should be maintained throughout the program for effective results.