Ways to detox your body

Detoxification is often associated with the drugs, alcohol and the substance abuse, along with weight loss and dieting. Detoxification process also aims to eliminate or remove the negative effects happing in the body from the natural environment like the secondary smoke, heavy metals,and pollutants, additives in the foods, industrial chemicals or pesticides. Now days, the internal detoxification has been adopted by many healthy individuals for keeping their body systems in a good and pristine condition.

More about detoxification

Detoxification refers to the elimination or removal of the toxic substance and then cleansing the colon as well as kidney as these organs are involved in detoxification process of toxics and chemicals from our body. Detoxification can be performed in a number of ways which includes the herbal mixture, nutritional supplements, safe removal of mercury, agents of oral chelating, colonics; intravenous injections etc. once the burden of heavy metals id relieved the other yeast, parasite and the organic detoxification will process easily.

Detox treatments at home

Here are some of the home detox methods and treatments –

  • Detox pills – Various companies’ offers detox pills which cleanse the system without much effort. It just takes only one day to detox your body.



  • Apple diet detoxApple diet detox – It is suggested to eat apple regularly like the Oregon Reds, yellow or red Delicious, Jonathans, Sheep Nose or Arkansas Black. You can also prefer the naturally grown apples. Apple helps to keep you internal system healthy and toxic free.



  • Lemon Water Lemon Water – Lemon juice contains antioxidants. It helps in detoxification. You just need to include lemon in your diet. You can also take lemon juice. The acid present in lemons assists in cleansing process. Citrus fruits like lemons have the pure form of critic acid in their juice and these critic acid acts like the bleach on the fat.